Mixed Martial Arts in Greenfield

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes taught by Master Pedro Sauer 1st degree black belt Brenton Fitzgerald.  Check out our full schedule to see all we have to offer. Muay Thai taught by a veteran of MMA and professional Muay Thai matches in Thailand. Wrestling and Judo offered by 11+ year veterans of each sport. 

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Thursday Beginner Curriculum

Not sure where to begin? Thursday class is an 11 week "all the basics of Jiu Jitsu" class designed for those with no prior martial arts or even exercise experience. No intimidation. No expectations. Just come and learn how to do Jiu Jitsu. Memberships for this 11 week class only are available. No start dates. Jump in at any point during the 11 week rotation and get all the basics after 3 months.

Self Defense

Classes start with a warm up and then a set curriculum of self defense techniques. These techniques are designed to stop a would be attacker that does not have martial arts training. These moves will save your purse from being stolen or your neck being choked or arm grabbed by a would be attacker. The curriculum is set, when it reaches the end, it starts over so every student will get to see every technique again and again over years of training.

In our self defense classes you will learn how to defend yourself against punches, kicks, chokes, headlocks, takedowns, and many other attacks commonly used by attackers on the street. Not only will you learn how to defend against these attacks, but you will also learn how to control and subdue your attacker. We will show you how to get out of the bottom position if your attacker is on top of you, how to get on top, how to control your attacker, and if necessary, how to neutralize the threat through the use of a variety of submissions holds. All taught in one of the best looking academies in the Milwaukee area.